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Rainbow Naturals is born to provide our customers  

Efficient and Quality products by adjusting the different aspects of a health issue.

Our emotions and thoughts are powerful and can create vibrations in the body that can be useful for our recovery. 

Flower essences can help re-channelling and modify those vibrations toward the original innate status to bring balance to the body, mind and soul.

The Physical and the Emotional aspects of any problem are always intertwined with each other.

Therefore to be able to completely Heal from a condition and sustain health, it is necessary to adjust both the physical and the emotional side of a condition to ensure a complete restoration of the individual to Health.



Roberta Muzzarelli      
Naturopathic Doctor
Rainbow Naturals Founder anf Formulator


Roberta, originally from Rome(Italy), decided to relocated in Australia to follow her dream of a lifestyle that would combine health and the ocean .

Graduated as a Naturopath and Herbalist with honours in Nutrition in 2007

Roberta managed for 10 years a Clinic and Naturopathic Dispensary on the Gold Coast  in the role of  Head consulting Naturopath .

She is trained in Body diagnostics, Celloid mineral therapy, Flower Essences therapy, Iridology, Hair mineral analysis and Live Blood screen Analysis and pursuing a personal interest in Medical Astrology.

After the blessing of becoming a mother, Roberta relocated  to Rainbow beach with her young family and decided to start Rainbow Naturals to help the residents in the area to have access to natural products for their own health.

Rainbow Naturals mission is to be the facilitator in many people health journey by providing products that have quality and efficacy to restore and sustain health .

 Roberta biggest Passion will always remains the Mind-Body connection and the ability of the plant kingdom  to assist us in healing.